Raghav Bashyal

Raghav Bashyal (they/them) is a Nepali-American independent game designer. They are working at the intersection of digital and physical play, interactive storytelling, and immersive experiences. Their works have been exhibited at independent games festivals like IndieCade and IGF and at various alternative gatherings for playful designers in the US and Europe. Raghav studied games and play at the University of Southern California and at ITU Copenhagen. They are currently residing in Kathmandu, Nepal at a local art collective. @raghaaav

Andrew Borman

As digital games curator at The Strong, Andrew coordinates the museum’s efforts related to digital preservation of electronic games. He holds both an undergraduate and master’s degree in Information Science, with a concentration in school media, and he has taught library classes for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. He has long taken an active role in game preservation, focusing on the preservation of unreleased game prototypes and development material. @borman18.

David Cook

Against the odds, David “Zeb” Cook has been a professional game designer for 40 years – and hopes to make that 41 or more. In 1979 he joined TSR in its heyday and in 1994, he successfully moved over to videogame development, where he has been ever since. He has created works for TSR, Cryptic Studios, Black Isle, Impressions, and, currently, Zenimax Online. Titles he has created or worked on include Oriental Adventures, AD&D 2nd Edition, Planescape Campaign Setting, the Indiana Jones and Conan RPGs, the City of Villains MMO, and Elder Scrolls Online, along with numerous adventure supplements and modules for role-playing games. Currently he is working on a Super-Secret Project at Zenimax Online. He also has a wife, two cats and an obsession for miniatures wargaming.”

Laura Drake Davis, David Gibson, Amanda May

Digital Project Specialists Laura Drake Davis and Amanda May and Library Technician David Gibson work at the Library of Congress where they help lead the effort to archive interactive media in their collections, including software applications, time based artworks and video games.

Renee Gittins

Renee is the Executive Director of the IGDA, and a multi-disciplinary leader with expertise in software engineering and creative direction. In addition to her role as Executive Director, she maintains her work as the CEO of Stumbling Cat, creator of Potions: A Curious Tale. Renee is a passionate advocate and connector for developers and diversity in the game industry. She is outspoken about initiatives to increase diversity both within the game industry and gaming overall, especially within virtual reality. In addition to IGDA initiatives to further support the growth of developers, she’s organized game-jams, panels, job fairs and other developer events, and mentored game development students and built education programs at Foundry10. Her goal is to help the game industry grow and improve for everyone. @RikuKat , @IGDA_ED

Heidi Herr

Heidi Herr is the Outreach Librarian for Special Collections at the Johns Hopkins University. She creates programs and learning activities to engage students in conducting research with
primary sources, including teaching courses on everything from fortune-telling games to the development of the cookbook. She earned Master of Arts degrees in English and Library Science from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Chris Klimas

Is a Baltimore-based web developer, game designer, and writer. He created Twine and now works on it with a group of really smart people all over the world! Chris also teaches Game Design and Interactive Fiction for the MICA Game Lab.

Kelsey Lewin

Kelsey Lewin is the co-director of The Video Game History Foundation, co-owner of Pink Gorilla Games, and a video game historian.

Phil Salvador

Phil Salvador is a librarian, digital archivist, and video game historian who runs The Obscuritory, a blog about unusual and under discussed old video games. He is a friend to all birds.

Chloe Varelidi

Chloe Varelidi is the Principal of Design at Humans Who Play, a female-founded firm specializing in play, learning and technology for impact. Prior to starting Humans Who Play she was part of the early teams at the Institute of Play, Quest to Learn, the Mozilla Foundation and littleBits launching everything from top rated apps, to best selling electronic toys, to a public school featured on the cover of the NYT Magazine and a city wide street game festival in her hometown of Athens, Greece. She has won multiple awards for her work along the way, including some from ISTE, TOTY and Common Sense Media and is recognized as one of the GOOD100 for shaping the world in meaningful and creative ways. Chloe frequently lectures about harnessing play as a force for learning and doing good and is a faculty at the Graduate Interaction Design Program at the George Washington Corcoran School of Art & Design.